Planning to travel to US for a visit, business, or vacation? Here is a US visa complete guide to help achieve success in your visa applications. An important part of the US visa application process is gathering the required documents.  After you have selected the visa type you need to apply for, you should check the requirements and start gathering the documents that are required for that visa.

There are some documents that the embassy or consulate of the US requires from every applicant no matter what kind of visa they wish to obtain. Be careful to have all these documents when you hand in your visa application.

US Visa Requirements

Here are the required documents for a US visa:

  • Your valid passport. It must be valid for at least six months beyond your planned stay in the United States. However, there are some countries that are exempt from this requirement only needing a passport that is valid during their period of stay in the United States. Your passport must have at least one blank page to be able to affix visa.
  • One photograph. The US visa photo requirement is one of the main requirements for every visa you apply for. Upload the photo while you apply online through the DS-160 form. If the upload fails, you can submit the photo on the appointment day. However, we advise you that, even if you upload the photo online, to still bring it with you in case you need it during the interview.
  • Receipt proving payment of $160 for a nonimmigrant US visa application. Differently from the European visa policy where you pay the fee at on the appointment day, for a US visa you need to pay the fee in order to be able to schedule an interview. Keep in mind that the US visa fee is non-refundable if you decide to cancel your appointment or if your visa application is rejected.
  • Social media details. A list of the social media that you use, and the name
    of your account in each, phone number, email and social media history of the five previous years.

Every document not written in either English or the official language of the country in which the interview will take place must be translated. Translations must be certified by a competent translator.

Is proof of health insurance a mandatory requirement for US visa?

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Form DS-160

If you are applying for a US nonimmigrant visa you should complete the online application form DS-160. You can fill the DS-160 form online via:

  • the Consular Electronic Application Center or,
  • by using the services of a third-party company such as Diamond Demerald Travels.

Why do we advise to apply through TravelAssist?

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  • The staff of TravelAssist will offer 24/7 online support regarding your visa application.
  • If your US visa application is successful TravelAssist will get you your visa quickly.
  • In the event of denied entry to the US they offer Travel Protection that will cover your financial expenses.
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Aside from the main documents, there are others you will have to submit in order to support the answers you have given in your application form, such as:

Previous USA visas

If you have visited the US before with an older passport, then you should take it with you on the day of the interview at the embassy or consulate. The US authorities require previously held visas be able to prove that you have entered the country before.

Invitation letter

An invitation letter for US visa is a letter written by a United States citizen or legal resident, confirming that they are willing to admit an international with whom they have family ties or friendship, and also that they have enough room for the visitor for the entire period of their stay in the US.

Travel itinerary

The travel itinerary is a travel plan that shows what you are planning to do while you are in the US. It includes documents as a purchased flight reservation that shows your planned date of entry and exit in the US. If applicable, it can also show inner flight reservations.

Also, you will have to submit some proof of accommodation. It should show where you are planning to stay in the US (hotel, rented house, a friend’s or relative’s house, etc.). However, it can just show that you have enough financial means to book a hotel once in the US.

Sponsorship documents

If you are planning to come to the United States sponsored by another person who is a US resident then you will have to show proof of that. The sponsor must submit these documents:

  • Letter for Affidavit – which is a letter that confirms the sponsor is capable of financially supporting you during your whole stay
  • Employment Letter – that shows the sponsor is employed and shows the salary he is paid.
  • Payslips – three to four recent payslips
  • Bank Letter – that shows the days when the account was opened, the total amount of money deposited during the past year and the present balance.

Property Documents

If you have a property in your home country or somewhere else you should show proof for that. Having property is a huge plus if you are applying for a nonimmigrant visa since that shows you have stronger ties with your home country and you do not intend to remain in the US. If you do, bring proof on the appointment day as:

  • Original ownership papers
  • Photographs of that property
  • Personal affidavit regarding the property

Employment / Professional Documents

  • Bring a letter from an employer that gives details on your position, salary, length of employment, the period of authorized vacation and purpose of the trip to the US – If employed.
  • Pension book – If retired.
  • Company registration certificate and income details – If self-employed.

Family Documents

Anything like: Birth certificate, marriage certificate, close family photographs, adoption certificate (if you are adopted or have adopted a child), divorce certificate, spouse’s death certificate, etc.

Letter from a physician

You are required to schedule a medical appointment with an authorized physician in the country where you will be interviewed. You must complete your medical examination with an embassy-approved doctor. Exams conducted by other physicians will not be accepted.

Requirements for Specific US Visa Types

Extra documents might be required for a US visa depending on the type of visa you are applying for.

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US Visa Requirements if Traveling for Medical Treatment

  • If you are applying for a visa to enter the US for health and medical purposes, then the consular officer will require these extra documents from you:
  • Medical Diagnosis – from a local doctor explaining the reason you need treatment in the US, and why you can’t receive that in your home country.
  • Letter from a medical facility in the US – confirming they are capable of treating your ailment. The letter should include the costs of the procedures.
  • Proof of means of subsistence to cover the expenses – like transportation, and also medical and living expenses.

Requirements for USA Study Visas

If you are applying for a US student and exchange visa, then the consular officer will require from you to submit proof you have been admitted at a US educational institution. This educational institution has to be under the Student Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP). You will also have to pay SEVIS I-901 fee aside of the normal visa fee and submit proof of payment during the interview.

Requirements for USA Work Visas

Depending on the US work visa type you apply for, you might have to submit some of the following documents:

    • Proof you meet the qualifications (diplomas and certifications)
    • Proof of professional degree (Bachelor, Master, Doctorate)
    • Job offer by a US employer
    • Resume or CV
    • Letter from previous employers
    • State License (if applicable)
    • Proof that you have extraordinary abilities
    • Additional Fees, etc.

For the specific requirements of each US work visa, visit the article.

Fingerprint Collection

Fingerprints are a mandatory requirement for all those who wish to obtain a US visa. Depending on the consulate or embassy, you will have your fingerprints taken either before or just after the interview.

Only the following categories are exempt from fingerprint collection:

  • Children under 14.
  • Elders over 79.
  • A-1, A-2, G-1, G-2, G-3, C-3.
  • NATO applicants.
  • People who physically are not able of giving their fingerprints.

This US visa complete guide will help you prepare yourself before and during your US visa application and expect more success rate. If you need further assistance, don’t hesitate to send us a mail. We will be glad to provide you with necessary support.