Calabar carnival: Animals have become more human


Everything you need to know about Calabar Carnival 2019 as humanity should be the focus. How Animals have become more human.

Calabar carnival 2019

2019 will not be an exception for this beautiful event that gathers people from all walks of life to Calabar the capital city of Cross River as Prof Ben AYADE, governor of Cross River State declares Calabar carnival open few days ago. Calabar carnival: Animals have become more human.


Speaking at the official opening ceremony of the Calabar street carnival, Ayade said he chose to address the people on the basis of humanity. He said that God crated man for the beauty of the world, He created man for bliss but man degenerated so much that animals has become more human, vanguard reports.

“Whether you are black or white, rich or poor, fat or slim, humanity does not know the difference, it bepreaks the barrier” Once you appreciate humanity, the love for fellow human being, the willingness to allow your weaker brother or sister to lean on you.

Ayade said that there were no provisions for the creation of visa in the holy books, so why ‘place restrictions on human movement?” He said that wherever man comes, that the greatest religion is humanity. He also added that the abuse on humanity has taken us too low, ” so why Al these exploitations”

He urged the people to do away all forms of discrimination in the world today. ” I call on every nation to look into the restrictions on visa if goods and services can move freely so humans should be granted unfettered movement. Humanity should drive whatever we do”

The DG Carnival commission, Gab Onah, said today we are panning humanity which is to identify the DNA we have in our body.

Calabar carnival 1

This carnival has maintained  the timetable yearly and the carnival events happens in the last two weeks of the Calabar Carnival. The usual timetable runs from 1st of December through 31st December every year.

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2019 main carnival week runs as follows

27th December – The bikers parade  ( morning )

27th December – Miss Africa Beauty Pageant ( evening )

28th December – Calabr street parade and band of the year competition

29th December – Wonders on wheels at the stadium

30th December – Green carnival

31st  December – New Year’s eve fireworks display

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The carnival displays African Cultural heritage from diver cultural groups. Planning on visiting Calabar, there are lots of sightseeing places you are yet to experience. Here are what you  will find in Calabar.

What to do and see in Calabar?

Calabar in southern Nigeria, sits near the Cameroon border and is the capital of Cross River State. There is plenty of amazing attractions to see in Calabar including:

  • Kwa Falls: A tropical paradise, this waterfall is located in a narrow steep gorge on the Kwa River. Although this waterfall is spectacular, even more inviting is the gorgeous beach at the edge of the pool which it flows into.
  • Tinapa Business and Leisure Resort Calabar: This is the first integrated leisure and business resort in Nigeria. Created with the aim of giving tourists a dream experience in one visit. Located by the Calabar River it is a world-class facility where visitors take advantage of retail wholesale and recreational activities.
  • Cross River National Park: This is one of the top eco-tourism destinations in This is one of the most preserved tropical rainforests in West Africa. Here you can see rare birds and animals in their natural tropical rain forest habitat
  • Obudu Mountain Resort: Located in the highlands of Cross River State a gorgeous place to visit. With miles of rolling mountain this serene and picturesque environment is worth the visit.
  • Agbokim Waterfalls: This fall consists of seven streams and each cascades over a steep cliff.
  • National Museum Calabar: This building was formerly the Government House during Colonial rule and was built in Britain and shipped in parts to Calabar in the late 1800s. This museum is filled with old relics, documents, furnishings and artefacts and is a great place to learn about Efik history.
  • Chief Ekpo Bassey’s House: This ancient house in Calabar stands out for its history and the affluence of Chief Ekpo Bassey, who was the Kingmaker of the Eflik tribe and a politician during the colonial era.
  • Dukes Town Church: This is one of the oldest churches in Nigeria and the first site of Christianity teachings on the arrival of Missionaries in
  • Drill Rehabilitation Centre: This wildlife initiative was built to preserve the lives of the almost extinct Drills which are a rare endangered species of Primates in
  • Botanic Gardens: Built in the 1880s and was created by the British with the aim of getting economic crops into
  • Slave Museum: This museum contains very rich information on slave trade activities that were popular in the 15th

Calabar boasts way more than most people are aware of. If you find yourself in Calabar for carnival then you must visit some of these places. Check some tours on here.

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